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  • At Aiston Law LLC, we help families who want to make things as easy as possible for their loved ones in life and in death. As a Mom, I know that parents want to preserve their hard-earned wealth, but that we want to pass on so much more than material wealth! We want to make sure that our kids are always with the right people, that they have everything they need to pursue their dreams, and that they know what our values are and how fiercely we love them. As a Future Retiree, I know that we all want to have worry-free golden years where we can enjoy travel, recreation, and spending time with our kids and grandkids. As a Daughter, I know that adult children worry about their parents, and want to make sure they will have the care they need in their elder years. Worrying about these things can be overwhelming, but you deserve peace of mind, and we’re here to help you to get it.


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March 06, 2009


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Leanna Hamill

This is such an important issue, and one that I have run into as well. While Nolo, Suze Orman and the like may provide good education on what types of planning should be done, they should never replace advice of an attorney. Indeed, in Suze Orman's Will and Trust kit there is a huge disclaimer that you should see an attorney.

Another benefit to having an attorney draft the documents is that there is someone there to answer questions during the process, someone who can sense hesitation in your voice as you are saying who you'd like to appoint in a certain role and can delve deeper, and someone who can be there for your family if something happens to you and they don't know what to do in their role as Health Care Proxy, Guardian, Executor, etc.


Thanks, Leanna. Well put. Good point about having someone who can answer questions, sense hesitation, and assist the family.


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